The stars shined when the Middle School Band performed at the Sprring Concert

The stars shined when the Middle School Band performed at the Sprring Concert


The stars were on stage at the Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School auditorium during Star Wars Day.

The Middle School Band Concert was performed by the 7th and 8th Graders before an appreciative audience that included families, friends and staff on Thursday, May 4, which is also a  commemorative day when Star Wars is observed.

The force was the delightful sounds that the Middle School 7th Grade Band and Windsemble under their director, Ashlen Udell, and the Middle School 8th Grade and Jazz Ensemble, led by their director, Barron Caromano, produced on this evening.

“We also had a lot of fun celebrating Star Wars Day with our mass band rendition of the Star Wars theme...lightsaber batons included!” Ms. Udell declared.

Ms. Udell was also thrilled by how her students performed in other segments during the concert.

“A standout of the night was the performance of the BRMS Woodwind Quintet. These five students rehearsed on their own to perform a piece without a conductor. They started the concert program off beautifully!” Ms. Udell said.

Mr. Caromano touched on the fine performances of his 8th Graders.

“The Force Awakens was a highlight for the Eighth Grade Band, and Coconut Champagne was a highlight for the Jazz Ensemble!” Mr. Caromano said. 

While the sounds were very well received by all in attendance that evening, both Middle School directors discussed the advancement of their students, both on stage and off.

“I am really proud of the students, and it is really edifying to observe their growth not only as musicians but as individuals!” Mr. Caromano claimed. “All of the groups did their best at the performance.”

Ms. Udell shared her positive beliefs, as well as what the entertained audience had to say..

“I am so proud of the work our students were able to accomplish. Many parents were impressed and stayed after the concert to talk with us about their child's positive experience in our program,” Ms. Udell revealed.

“The concert was fantastic!”

The shows are not over yet, so reminded Mr. Caromano.

“We’ll continue to refine our skills, as we still have a few performances to do before the school year ends.”

One of those upcoming performances will be held on Friday, June 2, at Doney Park in Allentown, Pa.

On that day, the Middle School’s performances will be delivered by the Wind Ensemble, conducted by Ms. Udell, the Jazz Ensemble, guided by Mr. Caromano, the Chamber Orchestra, directed by Maria Ramsay, and the Dolce, led by Choral Program Director Gabriele Hingelberg. 

And, the students will also engage in the many activities that the amusement and water park provides.

“They will enjoy a rewarding day, too,” ’ Ms. Caromano said.

They deserve it.