Science Teacher Rob Ambrose drew up a fascinated book on dinosaurs

Science Teacher Rob Ambrose drew up a fascinated book on dinosaurs

There was some simple science—and a passion that dates to his childhood—that resulted in a book published by a science teacher.

By day, Rob Ambrose has been teaching science to his 8th Grade students at the Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School for 23 years.

But once removed from the classroom, his love and attraction to both dinosaurs and graffiti has gone public.

The public is now enjoying the book that he has created that is titled “Dino Style.”

“I have always been into drawing and art. But now I have surprised people,” Ambrose confirmed.

The book was published in June by Bunbury’s Books out of Piermont, New York, and as of the middle of August, 200 copies have been sold while Ambrose has done his own peddling and 100 people have purchased this animated and illustrated book. Books can be purchased on

The book features 16 dinosaurs that he drew on one page and then he crafted a poem that shares the facts and history about the dinosaur on the adjoining page.

Some doodling to kill time during the Covid pandemic eventually led to this illustrated book.

“I started by doing some art work in my sketch book while spending time with my daughter (Maya),” Ambos revealed. “I was just doodling around.”

But the real artist in the family, Kate Ambrose, who has been an Art Teacher at the Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School for 22 years, suggested that the drawing should take another step.

“Kate mentioned a cool idea for a book,” Ambrose said. “I went through a lot of versions on how I would present it. First it was to draw a dinosaur and then I began looking at other kids’ books and picked out what I liked.”

What Ambrose liked, he stated, was dinosaurs, an obsession that he revealed that he held since he was a child.

His other fascination while he was young was graffiti—-the art not the splashed on vandalism.

“When I was young my parents drove me to New York City, and that graffiti art on the walls drew my attention,” he said.

And those trips to New York included visits to the Natural History Museum where the young Ambrose would cherish his encounters with dinosaurs.

Thus, the partnership of dinosaurs and graffiti was born.

His book captures his imagination of his fine details of a dinosaur that are joined by lively, colorful and creative graffiti.

“I developed a poem to show what I was trying to show in the illustration,’ Ambrose explained.

While many believe that his wife penned the illustrations, it was Ambrose who crafted the fine-tuned pictures.

“People assumed my wife drew them, but it was me,’ he said. “But she would suggest the drawings and offer some details.”

His colorful drawings, he hoped, would change the perception of what graffiti is.

“I put a positive spin on a negative cognation on graffiti and use this book a a tool as something to teach kids,” Ambrose revealed.

 So what lies ahead for this science teacher/illustrator?

“Maybe another book down the road,” he shared.

“This whole idea came on a whim and I never thought it would materialize,’’ he stated, “But here it is.”









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