Middle School students cooked up a delicious Thanksgiving Feast

You were first greeted at the front entrance by a friendly Mai`tre d’ who welcomed you and handed you a marker and a piece of paper that was cut out in the form of a turkey.

Once you wrote your name on the paper, you were escorted to the buffet tables where servers  scooped up the turkey and all of the fixings they proudly prepared and placed on your plate.

Once you have sat down at your table, you feasted on a scrumptious Thanksgiving meal a week before the holiday is celebrated throughout the world.

 No, this was not the setting at a five-star eating establishment.

This was a delicious experience that was titled the Thanksgiving Feast and your hosts were the  self-contained special education students at the Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School on Thursday, November 17.

Middle School teachers Cheryl Sunshine-Figliano and Jessica Staudt were the proud managers of this restaurant that was operated by these students from start to finish.

“Our students shopped at Wegmans and then they cooked the meals,’’ reported Ms. Sunshine-Figliano. “This is their curriculum and this is their learning session.”

Yes, Ms. Staudt confirmed. The students handled the chores of a typical restaurant staff.

“The kids cooked, the kids served and the kids greeted our guests,” Ms. Staudt said. “This is a great practice of their social and communications skills.”

The customers were numerous, including school district administrators such as Superintendent Bob Beers, Dr. Dan Fonder, the Assistant Superintendent for Personnel, and Dr. Dan Silvia, the Assistant Superintendent of Special Services. Middle School administrators, including Principal Megan Corliss and Assistant Principal Conor Scott, and staff also dropped in to participate in the tasty event.

“This was our first post-pandemic event and we invited the staff,” Ms. Sunshine-Figliano said. 

And guests walked away as satisfied customers.