Middle School Orchestra concert proved that practice makes perfect

Middle School Orchestra concert proved that practice makes perfect

The finished product of the musical students who play in the Bridgewater-Raritan Middle School Orchestra was on full display during the evening of Wednesday, January 18.

And these 7th and 8th grade instrumentalists did not disappoint their family, friends and staff when the Middle School Orchestra Concert was performed.

Maria Ramsay, who is the Middle School Director for the 8th Grade Orchestra and Chamber Orchestra, and Catherine Butler, who is the 7th Grade Orchestra Director, proudly conducted the performance that evening and they were impressed with the finished product.

“It has been amazing to hear the 8th grade and the Chamber Orchestra progress these first few months of the school year,” Ms. Ramsay said. “They have made huge strides since September and the winter concert was the best they have played this school year. “

Ms. Butler, too, praised her musicians.

“I was incredibly proud of how hard the students worked towards last night's (January 18)  concert. They did their best and had fun in the process and that was what is important,” she said.

The orchestra for both conductors produced perfect unison and soothing sounds that reflected their practices all school year.

“The students put their hearts into their performance and acted like a professional group on stage,” Ms. Ramsay declared.

And these instrumentalists will only get better as they prepare for more concerts.

“I can’t wait to start working on new music for their next performance,” Ms. Ramsay said.