Middle School 7th Grade Open House educational to students and families

Students and parents ascended on the Bridgewater-Raritan Regional Middle School on August 31 in an effort to discover what lies ahead–and to avoid chaos on opening day.

The opportunity for new students and their families to explore new surroundings was the result of the Middle School’s 7th Grade Open House, an event held that day when the school officials, led by Principal Megan Corliss, opened the doors and provided a tour of the school.

“We are thrilled to welcome them,” Principal Corliss said. “The students and parents have the opportunity to walk through their schedules and meet the staff and speak with their counselors.”

 A total of 625 students will enter the doors when the Middle School–as well as all of the 11 schools in the district–will kick off the start of the 2022-2023 year on Wednesday, September 7.

The ability to educate the new students to the inside of the Middle School during this event on August 31 will be welcomed by all on opening day.

“The students will be able to learn about the clubs and other school activities during this orientation,” Principal Corliss said. 

The parents who joined in the tours all agreed that the event was truly helpful.

” I was happy to have this experience today. It was great to walk around and see the classrooms and all the renovations done over the summer,’’ said a parent, Keri Fry.

Another adult, Fabiola Folino, relished the opportunity that the 7th Grade open House was able to provide..

“It’s great to come back from Covid and allow the students to begin to assimilate to their classrooms. The period between 6th and 7th sixth grade is a big transition,” Folino explained. “Everyone has been very welcoming and it’s a good  opportunity for the students to put names to faces. I have twins coming to Middle School and now they have a better sense of where they’re going.”

The students also appreciated the chance to tour the hallways and talk with their future educators. They also took the time with their parents to visit their lockers and work on opening with their combinations. 

“It was great seeing the school and it was nice to meet some of my teachers and the staff was really kind to me and helped me out on where to go.  And I'm pretty sure I'm going to have a good time here,” said  rising 7th grader Diyaashini Arunchandar.


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